Amazon FBA -Newbie – Where do I start?

Amazon FBA -Newbie – Where do I start?

by | Jan 1, 2020 | Entrepreneur Today, Selling On Amazon

I’m a newbie selling on Amazon, where do I start? I read this sentence every day. It’s beautiful. I love when people want to start something, and I love it even more if they know, they lack some knowledge and ASK.

Fortunately, that is by far the smartest thing you can do!

One of the biggest challenges is to filter through the abundance of information. What is important? What is correct? What affects me?

Well, to start, you first must have a clear understanding of why you want to become an online seller? Some people are just interested to see, what could be, others like to monetarize a hobby. And then, there is you, a frustrated 9-5 employee, maybe married, maybe kids, probably a massive mortgage and credit card bill. You want a change. You are not just an Amazon FBA-Newbie but new to self-employment.

Analyse yourself

I’m not being rude but honest when I say if you are not burning to sell,  don’t do it. Nobody is successful just by trying.  You must give it your best shot. Before some of my students came to me they were told, they could become rich within 3 months and quit their job. The problem is gurus showing off their cars and houses. Hence, if you look a little closer, they generally disappear as quickly as they came. Their real money, if it is that much, comes from advertising on YouTube channels and affiliate links, not from training people.

If you want to be successful, you got to think of it as a brick and mortar business without a shopfront. Yes, you can just walk in the other room and there is your empire, but that doesn’t make it any easier. The absence of a physical entity gives it an unreal touch and disguises the hard work, stress and lonesomeness.

Do not worry about lacking knowledge or experience that can all be acquired. You won’t be an Amazon FBA-Newbie forever, but a business owner.

Be honest to yourself

Here are some questions you should think about.

  • Are you ready to work after hours?
  • Are you ready to be your boss, secretary, marketing expert, audit and bookkeeper?
  • Are you ready to accept failure and get up? How will you do this?
  • Are you ready to fight against windmills, how long?
  • Are you financially ready, do you have a disposable income?
  • Why do you want to start being a self-employed online seller?
  • What held you back, and why now?
  • What and who are potential obstacles?
  • Who are your critics? How do you deal with them?
  • Who supports you?

I have answered those questions (maybe I will publish them). Afterwards, when I was done, I was sure about myself and my plans. I defined who I am, which helped me to stand up for myself and get stuff done. I trust my judgement and learned to make decisions.

Consequently, that is, where you should start as Amazon FBA-Newbie! With yourself!

When you are clear about the above, read my last blog; “Is it too late to start selling on Amazon?” I wrote down a few questions, which can help to get started before you get further information. Preparation is everything for any business. How to do your bookkeeping or import goods is a simple process, compared to dealing with mental stress as your boss.

Education is key

There is so much free information out there, it is almost ridiculous. If this is not your first business or you already own a business and just want to expand online, you’ll probably be ok with those courses. If you are a newbie, you most likely get lost. A bucket of free information is worth nothing. Consider it a bucket of unorganized trash.

The value of an educational course is organized information, delivered to you at the right time. If you don’t know the process, nothing makes sense and you will watch the same videos repeatedly. To be able to talk to a mentor about individual problems is priceless.

Education is the key to be successful. Nobody can take it away from you! To sign up for a good course, means you gain knowledge quicker and make fewer mistakes, which save you time, money and stress.

Here are my five cents on what you should be looking for in a course:

  • First impression, can you trust that person/company. How does the website, internet presence make you feel?
  • Course content?
  • Who is your direct contact? Will you talk to a VA/Team/one Mentor?
  • Are the Q&A personal or group meetings?
  • Is the page stuffed with affiliate links?

Here you can get some more information on how to find a mentor.

If you spend money on education, which is recommended, make sure you study and put your gained knowledge into action. Challenge your coach and keep asking questions. Learning is an investment in you and your business.

Finally, reflecting on yourself is highly important to make the right decisions and transforming from Amazon FBA-Newbie to successful entrepreneur.

Read more on why small business fail.

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