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Sales Accelarator

Developing successful salespeople has been my profession for 8 years. I help you dive deep into your business figures, analyze and plan your next steps to becoming a selling expert…………..

Hand-On Coach

Learn from my experience, not from a book. I developed my step-by-step guide, along with my success. Avoid costly mistakes and take a shortcut to your profitable business……….

Inspirational Motivator

Do you want to be on top of the sellers Olymp? Let’s do it.No matter if you are a newbie or experienced. Everybody faces issues that cause doubt.I’m your creative helping hand through ………..


Ultimate proven Step-by-Step Guide on how to start selling online. Become a successful entrepreneur, escape the rat-race towards financial freedom.

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Ultimate proven Step-by-Step Guide on how to start selling online. Become a successful entrepreneur, escape the rat-race towards financial freedom.

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Unappreciated Employee

You did change jobs a few times, but everything stays the same. You are taken for granted and not appreciate. You served long enough. Make a change! Control your destiny. How about you are the BOSS of your business. Test new ideas and make the world a little better with products that you developed. Explore the possibilities of online selling worldwide. Start and grow your business today. Finally, quit your boring non-rewarding job. It’s time to make the next move and take on the challenge of self-employment. Join the tribe.
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Stay at home parent seeking Income

You are fantastic. Your kids are so lucky to have you home to look after them. Because of you, the next generation will be polite, caring, full of ideas and healthy. You took on the challenge of being a stay-at-home-parent.
Still, at the time you think about the future when your children are at school or even left the house, what will you do? Money is tight and you would like a way to contribute. Selling online is your perfect solution to, make a wage, be an independent Entrepreneur, have a challenging task every day and still be able to be the loving parent you are. It’s time to look after yourself and explore the beauty of working from home as your Boss.

You are an

Fed up with your business

Are your sales are slow to non-existing? Are you drowning in business expenses? BUT you are not ready to give up. You are looking for HELP.
Let me analyze your Sales business. We figure out where you can improve and find ways to do so. Do we have to start from scratch, maybe? You have done the only right thing, seeking me as your consultant and mentor to get you back on track. If you want to be successful and happy, let’s make it happen now. Book your call today.

Let me set up your Amazon business for your.


Client Testimonials

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She’s great! In this world full of insane scammer ass-clowns, we need good, down-to-earth people like her to teach people real skills about business.


“Candy is someone I look forward to working with in the future once I have the capital- she is very approachable, honest and professional.”


“I am so lucky that I found CanDealOnline through the Amazon Facebook Group!
I used to analyse her responses to people’s questions and the way she delivers the message is so accurate.
One day, I had a couple of questions that used to drive me insane but messaging Candy solved every worry I had. So I chose her to be my mentor with Amazon Journey. Candy arranged a zoom call meeting after I booked online and that was the best thing I ever did. The content was perfect ..the feedback and advice from Candy were super valuable and I learned a lot from just one call. I still ask her questions anytime via email, FB messenger, and she replies within 24/7 (Mon-Fri ). so Thank you so much Candy.”


“Candy, you truly are an inspiration.”


“I have been gone through many amazon training sessions, online workshop and materials for last one year to understand amazon business. I felt 95% confidence to launch my product until I found Candy probably from nowhere. And I like her strategy to avoid Amazon US where everybody rushing in. I needed some real experienced amazon seller person who can guide me to start my amazon journey with affordable price. With her Q&A session, I am gradually reaching my goal. Good communicator and recommended to anybody.”