About Us

Success is only a few lessons away

If you choose CanDealOnline you get me, Candy, as your personal Coach and Sales Trainer, no team, no VA's answering your questions. It's you and me together on this trip. I take personal responsibility for my advice.

Sales Accelarator

Developing successful salespeople has been my profession for 8 years.
I help you dive deep into your business figures, analyze and plan your next steps to becoming a selling expert. I'm your coach for each step of the way. I find a solution for all your questions because I have been there myself.

Hand-On Coach

Learn from my experience, not from a book. I developed my step-by-step guide, along with my success. Avoid costly mistakes and take a shortcut to your profitable business. I answer your questions on the spot and help you hands-on to create listings and marketing campaigns. I'm not just a coach but your mentor on this exciting journey to financial freedom.

Inspirational Motivator

Do you want to be on top of the sellers Olymp? Let's do it.
No matter if you are a newbie or experienced. Everybody faces issues that cause doubt. I'm your creative helping hand through challenging moments. Enthusiam, Optimism and an analytical mind are what you get with me as your coach


Get to know me better.

After 8 years as Senior Sales Manager in a leadership position for a worldwide leading company, I left, to do things my way without restrictions. Radical? The best decision of my life, besides saying yes to my husband.

To be able to convince customers to purchase products or services is the best and most rewarding challenge I can imagine. It’s so simple and comes with instant feedback. Let me show you how to do it right.

Since 2017 I successfully helped others lift their business to the next level - online and worldwide.
I love teaching people- sharing my knowledge with you to see how you put it into action is what I call fascination.
Since I experienced what you are going through right now, I understand completely what obstalcles you face, my coaching will help you save money and take a shortcut to success by avoiding costly and time-consuming unnecessary mistakes.

I believe there are no problems, only undiscovered solutions. In me, you will find your creative motivator.
I guide you through this exciting journey as a coach, mentor and motivator. My passion for selling and making people successful takes you from small business owner to entrepreneur.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

                                                                                                  ~ Sally Berger